Rob Veraart, Ph.D.

  • Scientist


    Avenue Louise 54,
    1050 Brussels

In Memoriam: Rob Veraart, Ph.D.

Rob Veraart, Ph.D., served for more than eight years at the research institute TNO in the Netherlands, most recently as a Project Manager for Food Contact Legislation. At TNO, he oversaw migration testing efforts for a variety of clients in the food-contact arena. He worked to demonstrate compliance of a wide variety of food-contact materials, including plastics, coatings, rubber, and paper, with the legislation of the EU, national legislation (e.g., German and Dutch law) and FDA's Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

From 2007-2018, Dr. Veraart worked as a staff scientist for Keller and Heckman in the Brussels office. He worked with firm clients on FDA, Member State and EU food-contact opinion letters, prepared EU and Member State dossiers for new substances to be used in food-contact materials, performed GMP audits of food-contact materials and prepared test protocols to develop appropriate data to support opinions and dossiers.