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Telecom Alert: 911 Access to Wi-Fi Access Points Report to Congress; Report on Supply Chain Reimbursement Program; Wireless Providers’ Customer Safety Measures; KH Webinar [Vol. XVIII, Issue 13]

911 Access to Wi-Fi Access Points Report to Congress

The FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau issued a report to Congress studying the public safety benefits, technical feasibility, and cost of options for providing the public with access to 911 services using Wi-Fi access points and other alternative means when mobile service is unavailable.  Pursuant to Section 301 of the RAY BAUM’s Act, the study was to address making Wi-Fi access points available to the public for free during times of emergency and whether such a requirement would be feasible for non-telecommunications service providers.  According to the report, despite improvements in the provision of voice and broadband connectivity over Wi-Fi for non-emergency communications, further study of the technical and policy challenges is required before they could support reliable provision of emergency services.  For more information, please contact Wes Wright (; 202.434.4239).

Report on Supply Chain Reimbursement Program

Last week, the FCC released a Public Notice seeking comment on the Supply Chain Reimbursement Program Study and a preliminary Catalog of Eligible Expenses and Estimated Costs to assist with establishing the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program (Vol. XVII, Issue 47).  The Commission contracted with Widelity, Inc. (Widelity) to produce a report detailing the requirements, timing, and costs involved in the removal, replacement, and disposal of covered communications equipment.  The FCC seeks comment on, among other things, whether the Report accurately captures all anticipated steps and categories of expenses.  For more information, please contact Greg Kunkle (; 202.434.4178).

Comment Sought on Wireless Providers’ Customer Safety Measures

The FCC released a Public Notice last week seeking comment on recent efforts by mobile wireless service providers to improve network resiliency to inform a report to Congress outline in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.  The FCC seeks information on specific measures providers have taken in recent years to improve response readiness and network resiliency during natural disasters.  Specifically, the Commission seeks comment on steps wireless mobile providers have taken to ensure network resiliency such as establishing back up power in areas prone to outages and roaming agreements that can be activated quickly following a natural disaster.  For more information, please contact Wes Wright (; 202.434.4239).

KH Webinar – Public-Private Broadband Partnerships

Join Keller and Heckman partners Jim Baller and Sean Stokes on Thursday, April 1, 2021 as they host the fourth installment of the K&H Telecom Series:  Public-Private Broadband Partnerships. The K&H Telecom Series will broadcast live at 2:00 p.m. every other Thursday from February 18 to May 13, 2021.  Click here to register.