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Image of the Shanghai, China city skyline in front of a sunrise

China Regulatory Matters is intended to update you on significant Chinese regulatory changes in the areas of food, food packaging, cosmetics, environmental, chemical control, tobacco, e-vapor, and e-cigarettes.

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Recent Alerts

07.09.24 Two Chinese Food Agencies Release Drafts of New Food Labeling Requirements
03.04.24 From the Year of the Rabbit to the Year of the Dragon: China’s Food Law Year-in-Review 2023
02.06.24 China Solicits Comments on Food Labeling Standard
01.18.24 China Solicits Comments on Food-Contact Coatings Standard
01.12.24 China Continues to Revise the Food Labeling Standard
10.24.23 The Changing Face of Cosmetics in China
09.26.23 Updates on China’s Regulation of Food Ingredients and Additives
08.30.23 China Update: STMA Publishes Guidelines on Quality Assurance for E-Cigarettes for Export
08.24.23 China’s MEE Chemical Reporting Plan: Assessing Environmental Risks
05.25.23 China Proposes to Amend GB 4806.1 General Safety Standard for Food-Contact Materials
04.25.23 China Publishes Long-awaited Management Measures for the Supervision of Toothpaste
03.01.23 China Releases Draft Amendment to GB Standard on Additives used in Food Contact Materials and Articles
02.24.23 From the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit
12.14.22 China Announces New Management Measures for Food-Related Products

Special Focus on Alternative Proteins

05.07.24 Singapore Introduces New Legislation Regulating Food Alternative Proteins and More
03.20.24 Canada Grants its First Approval for Animal-Free Milk Protein
02.12.24 Israel Grants the World’s First Regulatory Approval for Cultivated Beef
12.21.23 Australia and New Zealand Consult on the First Cell-Cultured Meat Application
12.12.23 Korea Introduces More Rules to Enhance Oversight of Alternative Protein Foods
08.23.23 How to Introduce Alternative Proteins via Tasting Trials in the Netherlands and Singapore
06.01.23 Israel Approves the First Animal-Free Protein for Food Use
03.30.23 The South Korean Food Authority Releases New Rules and Policies Supporting the Development of the Alternative Protein Industry
02.28.23 China Announces Draft Standard on Nutritional Fortification Substances: What Will its Impact Be on Alternative Protein Foods?
01.04.23 Foods Produced from Animal Cells: What’s in a Name?

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