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OSHA 30/30 - August 20, 2014

Wed, Aug 20, 2014
1:00PM ET
Construction Site
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OSHA 30/30 with Manesh Rath

OSHA’s Use Of The General Duty Clause to Address a Hazard Covered by an OSHA Standard that OSHA Deems Inadequate (e.g., Permissible Exposure Limits) Webinar 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a citation against an employer even though the employer had successfully conformed with the established Permissible Exposure Limit under the standard.  This represents an uncommon use of the General Duty Clause in instances where there is a specific standard that can be applied.

Program highlights:

1.     Develop an understanding of the facts in that case;

2.     Provide a basic overview of the General Duty Clause and General Dynamics;

3.     Examine OSHA’s internal guidelines relating to enforcement of the General Duty Clause;

4.     Review the history of the specific standard in question in that case; and

5.     Discuss what employers can do to prepare for OSHA inspections and enforcement activity involving the General Duty Clause.

Case: Long Island Precasen Inc., v. United Stated Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration 

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