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Peter Craddock Quoted in Lexology PRO Article on Meta’s Pay-or-Consent Fees

Keller and Heckman Partner Peter Craddock was quoted in the Lexology PRO article titled “Meta could reduce pay-or-consent fees.” The article indicates that Meta has offered to lower the price of its pay-or-consent model, under which users can pay a small fee rather than have their data be used for targeted advertising. 
According to Peter, the level of the price was a commercial decision, and any scrutiny should be on competition rather than data protection grounds. He argued that data regulators are not equipped and do not have the authority to deal with an economic decision. 
In addition, Peter contributed to the draft of a letter sent by IAB Europe to the EDPB about this same topic. Key points of the letter include that the assessment of “Consent or Pay” models must remain coherent with the existing case law and guidelines across the European Union and European Economic Area, and that the model should not be framed as rendering data protection rights conditional to payment. 
In summary, Peter concludes that the “Consent or Pay” model might not be such a bad thing.
To read the full article, please click here (subscription required).
To read IAB Europe’s letter, please click here.