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Peter Craddock Quoted in Global Data Review Article on Proposals to Change GDPR Framework

Keller and Heckman Partner Peter Craddock was quoted in the Global Data Review article, “Regulators urge European Commission to overhaul patchy GDPR framework.” The article states that several proposals have been sent to the European Commission from European data protection authorities to improve General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement. “I’m very keen to see what the European Commission will do about it,” said Peter, “because ultimately the issues that they’re talking about have to do with the fact that procedural law is regulated different in each country.” He noted that each national system’s traditions will need to be taken into account. “If in a country you have court proceedings that are done in a specific way, should you start applying different rules just because it's before a supervisory authority,” questioned Peter. “After all, it’s still just a national authority. In a way it would be easier, I think, for them to create a European regulator with specific procedures, rather than to say: ‘From now on national procedure is going to be replaced with European procedure that we are deciding upon.’”

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