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Peter Craddock Quoted in Global Data Review Article on Belgian DPA’s Reduced Penalties

Keller and Heckman Partner Peter Craddock was quoted in the Global Data Review article, “Court reduces Belgian DPA’s penalties.” The article discusses how the Market Court, housed within the Brussels court of appeal, ruled that fines issued by a data regulator against the Brussels and Charleroi airports should be reduced. Peter noted that the Market Court’s decisions covered “many topics,” but particularly highlighted its conclusions regarding joint controllership as they could be relevant to several other cases. “You cannot assume controllership; you have to establish it,” said Peter. He also mentioned that the Belgian data protection authority has the powers to order additional investigations. “And so the criticism here is that the authority didn't go far enough,” stated Peter. “Which I think is interesting, because it shows that where an authority comes to a conclusion perhaps too rapidly, perhaps based on flawed assumptions, that is a problem in and of itself.”

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