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Larry Halprin Quoted in Article on OSHA Chemical Hazard Rule

Keller and Heckman Partner Larry Halprin was quoted in the Inside OSHA Online article, “Industry Wins More Time to Comment on OSHA Chemical Hazard Rule.” The article discusses how OSHA is extending the comment period on its proposed hazard communication standard (HCS) update, giving industry critics more time to build legal and policy cases against the rule after one attorney said it appears designed to aid EPA chemical evaluations by forcing many chemical companies to conduct elaborate new hazard analyses. 

Responding to requests from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and other trade associations for more time to study the rule, OSHA, in an April 12 Federal Register notice, extended the deadline for written comments on the HCS proposal by 30 days to May 19. The resulting comments, as well as the longer deadline, could be a major benefit for groups that oppose the HCS update in its current form, as they could help convince new appointees to the Biden administration to reverse course and narrow the proposal, Larry said. 

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