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Keller and Heckman Partner James Baller Interviewed for PEW Q&A on Connectivity

Keller and Heckman Partner James Baller was interviewed by the PEW Research Center (PEW) for a Q&A, “National expert discusses challenges in providing connectivity to all.” In the interview, James discusses the overall growth of broadband services within various communities and the legal barriers that exist in some states which present challenges to its expansion. When asked about why communities need high-speed broadband, James answered, “If America is going to remain a great nation in the decades ahead, we must not limit ourselves to simply ensuring that all Americans eventually have affordable access to high-capacity broadband capabilities in order to participate fully in modern life; we must also ensure that we get there as rapidly as possible. To do that, we must take advantage of every feasible option, including community initiatives and public-private broadband partnerships.” Yet, some options for providing these services come with legal issues, such as pole attachments, easements, and governance, that must be addressed.

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