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Katie Bond Quoted in a NutraIngredients Article on Nordic Naturals Decision

Keller and Heckman Partner Katie Bond was quoted in the NutraIngredients article, “Nordic Naturals motion to dismiss consumer deception suit denied.” The article states that a federal judge has denied the supplement company Nordic Naturals’ motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit that alleges the company deceived consumers because its brand name suggests that there are no synthetic ingredients in its supplements.

Katie commented on this decision being “a disappointment and a clear message that, for better or for worse, companies are going to have to continue to use great caution with 'natural' claims – and with this decision, no matter how such claims are used, even as part of a brand name.”

Katie also remarked that she found it striking that the complaint was so expansive as to claim that the brand name conveys to consumers that the products contain only natural ingredients. “That’s surprising for many reasons, not the least of which is that there’s still no set regulatory definition or understanding of what a ‘natural’ food or supplement might mean,” she said. “Some courts have suggested it might mean ‘sourced from nature’ and ‘minimally processed’ – but those requirements are likewise lightly defined or understood.”

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