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Katie Bond and Samuel Butler Quoted in a Natural Products Insider Article on FTC’s Latest Health Claims Guidance

Keller and Heckman Partner Katie Bond and Associate Samuel Butler were quoted in the Natural Products Insider article, “Advocacy group claims to defend free access to scientific data in face of FTC assault.” The article discusses the Alliance for Natural Health USA requesting information regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) most recent health claims guidance. This spring, FTC sent hundreds of warning letters based on the concepts in this guidance to advertisers, including dietary supplement firms. Katie and Samuel wrote in a May 12, 2023 Natural Products Insider article that “it is important to remain aware of how aggressive the agency has become, generally, in claim substantiation cases, particularly against dietary supplement companies.” According to Katie and Samuel, even if the FTC seeking civil penalties based on language in these letters “is likely not as legally substantiated as FTC would have you believe,” supplement companies still need to be hypervigilant about the claims made on their products.

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