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Katie Bond and Samuel Butler Author a Law360 Article on the NAD Becoming More Challenger-Friendly

Keller and Heckman Partner Katie Bond and Associate Samuel Butler authored a Law360 article titled “The NAD Has Become More Challenger-Friendly.” The article discusses the results of Katie and Samuel’s review of over 400 National Advertising Division (NAD) cases to determine if the widely perceived rumor – that challengers of the self-regulatory body tend to win – is true. Through their analysis, Katie and Samuel found many helpful insights for advertisers, including 1) “the rate of fully substantiated decisions has decreased over time,” 2) “cases with scientific studies or surveys have extremely high rates of recommended changes,” and 3) “an advertiser may have better odds if the NAD brought the challenge.”

Katie and Samuel conclude the article by reminding advertisers that “the NAD seems to have identified a sweet spot of formality and expeditiousness that allows it to function as an exemplary self-regulatory body. As advertisers continue to use the NAD as a forum for advertising review, it is important to know as either a challenger or respondent what your odds are.”

To read the full article, please click here (subscription required).