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Jim Baller Quoted in Article on Proposed Amendment Limiting Broadband Growth

Jim Baller was quoted in the News 5 Cleveland article, “Broadbanned: Opponents Believe Proposed Budget Amendment Would Limit Choice, Stifle Economic Growth.” The article discusses how the opposition to a proposed ban on municipal broadband services in Ohio continues to grow as organizations have labeled the proposal, which was introduced without public discussion, as the wrong idea at the wrong time.

As part of the Ohio Senate’s proposed budget, an amendment was attached without discussion or advanced notice which would prohibit municipal broadband across the state, preventing cities from establishing their own internet services. More than 30 public broadband providers would effectively be kicked offline.

“[I]t troubles me that we even have to deal with a proposed new barrier at this point in time,” said Jim. “Like electricity, advanced communications services are platforms, drivers and enablers of just about everything that is important in modern life.”

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