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Greg Kunkle Quoted in Article About FCC Confirming Timeline for 2.5 GHz Auction

Keller and Heckman Partner Greg Kunkle was quoted in the CTFN article, “FCC Confirms Timeline for 2.5 GHz Auction; Format Details Awaited.” The article discussed how, while the US Federal Communications Commission has completed the comment cycle for the auction of licenses in the 2.5 GHz band, the auction will only take place after the competition of the 3.45 GHz auction. 

However, the commission is yet to announce the format of the 2.5 GHz auction as major telecom carriers advocate between a single bidding round format and a simultaneous multiple-round (SMR) bidding format. 

Greg, who previously worked with clients on the FCC’s 700 MHz and CBRS auction, noted that the single-round auction format would benefit smaller entities and bidders only interested in a small number of licenses.

“The significant burden to smaller bidders to participate in an auction for weeks or months when they are only interested in a handful of licenses is often overlooked,” he explained, adding that smaller bidders do not have the sophisticated pricing analyses that the larger carriers have. 

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