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Deadline Approaching for 2018 CARB Survey

The March 1, 2020 deadline to submit the 2018 Aerosol Coating and Aerosol Adhesives Products Survey ("Survey") to the California Air Resources Board ("CARB") is quickly approaching.  Pursuant to the California Consumer Products Regulation ("CCPR"), completion of the Survey is required by each company, firm, or establishment ("Responsible Party")[1] listed on the label of an aerosol coating or aerosol adhesive product that was sold or supplied for use in California during the 2018 calendar year.[2]  Responses to the Survey, which collects product label, formulation, and sales data, are used by CARB in updating its emissions inventory and assessing the feasibility of further volatile organic compound ("VOC"), toxic air contaminant ("TAC"), and greenhouse gas ("GHS") emission reductions.

Further information on the 2018 Survey, including registration and reporting instructions, can be found on CARB's website. For questions or assistance on completing the 2018 Survey, or VOC compliance in general, please contact us.

[1] 17 Cal. Code Reg. §§ 94508(a)(110), 94521(a)(69).

[2] 17 Cal. Code Reg. §§ 94513, 94524(c).