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Consumer Products and Retail

Product Safety
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Keller and Heckman has served the consumer products and retail industries since its inception. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and trade associations. Because we represent businesses across the entire consumer product supply chain, we can offer clients practical advice and unique insights on implementing compliance programs, managing risks, and maintaining profits. From cradle to grave, we help our clients navigate a vast array of government requirements so that the products they make and market are safe and enhance the bottom line. We help clients communicate applicable regulatory disclosures on labels and in advertising; guide them through the steps to protect and manage data collected; and provide counsel to avoid litigation and public relations risks. 

Our clients include some of the largest companies in the world as well as innovative new ventures. The clients we serve manufacture and sell a variety of consumer products, such as apparel, appliances, cosmetics, electronic equipment and gaming devices, household and cleaning products, medical devices, and toys. Leveraging our expertise in product safety, privacy and data security, and telecommunications regulations, we advise clients who make a diverse range of connected products about these same issues through the lens of IoT. Our retail clients include traditional brick and mortar establishments as well as online retailers and companies, and we help them deal with the disruption of today’s fast-evolving e-commerce environment. We also assist them on B2B initiatives, such as managing vendor and supplier portals, product safety, packaging, social compliance certifications, and more. Regardless of their business models and product lines, our clients view us as trusted advisors to help them further their business goals of providing safe, convenient, energy efficient, and fun products across the globe. 

The services we provide include helping our clients take steps to ensure that:

  • Raw materials, packaging materials, and final products are safe and comply with global government requirements 
  • Manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and retail practices are safe for employees and the environment
  • Consumer communications on packaging, and in advertising and marketing communications, including in social media, are clear and adhere to applicable requirements 
  • Customer and other data is secure and managed in accordance with a burgeoning set of rules within the U.S. and abroad
  • Connected products are safe, comply with all applicable regulations, and meet communications and privacy and data security requirements
  • Electrical and electronic equipment and products meet all energy efficiency standards and marking requirements across their life cycle
  • End-of-life disposal obligations are addressed appropriately

To help our clients stay ahead of developments that may affect their businesses, we closely monitor the legal, regulatory, and public policy landscape. In addition to individual counseling, we keep our clients informed through a wide range of highly focused blogs, webinars and seminars, newsletters, alerts, and other publications. 

Keller and Heckman works closely with our Consumer Products and Retail industry clients, bringing our legal and technical capabilities to bear to help them get their products to market, advertise them effectively, and remain in compliance with the continuously evolving legal landscape.

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