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Webinar: Key State and Federal 911 Developments

Tue, Sep 11, 2018
Tue, Sep 11, 2018
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This complimentary webinar will provide an update on current state and federal regulatory issues that directly impact the 911 industry.  The webinar will cover a range of 9-1-1 related topics, including:

  • 911 Network Reliability – Five years ago, the FCC created a new class of service provider (“Covered 911 Service Provider”) and adopted rules requiring these providers to take reasonable measure to promote 9-1-1 network reliability.  Earlier this summer, the FCC sought input from the industry on whether these rules have been effective or need to be revised.  We will discuss the impetus for the rules, how they have been implemented, and what the FCC may seek to change in the coming months.
  • NG 9-1-1 Regulation – In the past few years, the FCC has initiated proceedings and, in some cases, adopted rules that impact different subsets of the 9-1-1 marketplace.  This includes enhanced outage reporting and communication, 9-1-1 apps, wireless location accuracy, text-to-911, NSI devices, cybersecurity, among others.  We will provide an update on these various FCC proceedings and predict what the Commission might do next.
  • Current State Regulatory Issues – Many NG 9-1-1 issues are handled at the state level.  Two of the biggest state-level challenges relate to funding and traffic exchange.  We will touch on both.  From Vermont to Minnesota.  From South Dakota to Kentucky to Illinois.  Many state agencies have resolved – or are in the process of resolving – interconnection questions that govern the relationship between niche 911 providers and originating service providers (ILECs, CLECs, RLECs, VoIP and wireless carriers).  We will provide an overview of the interconnection rules, update the participants about a few of these current disputes, predict how these pending cases will be resolved, and anticipate how these resolutions will impact the 911 industry moving forward.
  • USTA Petition –  In May, the US Telecom Association filed a Forbearance Petition with the FCC asking the agency to forbear from enforcing certain provisions of the Telecommunications Act, including interconnect-related provisions that require ILECs to provide unbundled access to network elements.  We will discuss how such forbearance by the Commission may impact the 911 industry specifically.
Join Keller and Heckman partner Wes Wright and associate Tim Doughty, as they review these key topics.

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Webinar Details 
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM ET
Cost: Complimentary