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Webinar: FCC Continues Tower Enforcement: "Know Your Tower ABCs"

Thu, Apr 17, 2014
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On April 17, 2014, Keller and Heckman LLP attorneys held a complimentary one-hour roundtable (“Know Your Tower ABCs:  FAA, ASR, NEPA, FCC, SHPO, TCNS, OSHA”) to discuss the many regulatory obligations associated with construction, operation, and maintenance of antenna towers.   In addition to a multitude of FCC, FAA, and EPA requirements, the webinar considered OSHA’s recent focus on employers who build, own, and maintain communications towers. 

For those with OSHA questions, please contact David Sarvadi (; 202-434-4249). For EPA questions, contact Trent Doyle (; 202-434-4161). For FCC or FAA questions, contact Greg Kunkle (; 202-434-4178) or Jack Richards (; 202-434-4210). 

To listen to the webinar, please click here.