Devon Hill and Les Borodinsky to Present at Plastics: Fall Food Packaging Summit

Date: Nov 14, 2018

Devon Hill and Les Borodinsky will present at Plastics: Fall Food Packaging Summit, to be held November 14-16 in Delray Beach, Florida. The fall summit will cover developments in food packaging regulation from the passage of the 1958 Food Additives Amendment through the present. Highlights will include FDA speakers, panels to share expectations for supply chain cooperation, and consultation on single-use plastics.

Les will present "Contributions by the FDCPMC to Food Contact Materials Regulation since 1958" wherein he will examine key accomplishments in the 60-year relationship between the FDCPMC and the US FDA. Devon will moderate "Summit Part 3 – Retailer and Brand Owner Perspectives on Supply Chain Cooperation which will include discussion of issues and opportunities in food packaging, meeting the packaging needs of customers, and Q&A. 

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