OSHA Recordkeeping Update

Date: Oct 26, 2016

Larry Halprin presented "OSHA Recordkeeping Update" at the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers Conference on October 26, 2016. 

Larry Halprin is nationally recognized for his work in the areas of occupational safety and health, and chemical regulation, at the federal and state levels. His occupational safety and health practice covers all aspects of legal advocacy, including: representing clients in Federal and state OSHA investigations and enforcement actions; compliance counseling and training; incident investigations, compliance audits and program reviews; participation in OSHA, NIOSH, EPA and MSHA rulemakings and stakeholders processes, including Small Business Reviews under SBREFA; pre-enforcement challenges to final agency rules; legislative reform and oversight; and participation in the development of national consensus standards under the ANSI process, and TLVs under the ACGIH process.

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