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Sheila Millar, Jean-Cyril Walker, and Anushka Rahman Quoted in The Fashion Law Article on Greenwashing

Keller and Heckman Partners Sheila Millar and Jean-Cyril Walker and Associate Anushka Rahman were quoted in The Fashion Law article, “Making the Claim: A Dive into California’s “Greenwashing” Cause of Action.” The article states that more and more companies are finding themselves having to defend against lawsuits for allegedly “greenwashing” their marketing campaigns. Across the country, environmental claims are increasingly subject to scrutiny. To back up this point, the article refers to a Consumer Protection Connection blog post written by Sheila, Jean-Cyril, and Anushka. In the blog post, they note that “recent state laws have been enacted that impose stringent requirements on recyclability and other claims, and new requirements for extended producer responsibility and mandated recycled content minimums are being adopted or considered. At the same time, businesses are working on sustainability programs, including evaluating both products and packaging.”

Sheila, Jean-Cyril, and Anushka conclude that “the use of thoughtful, appropriately placed qualifiers are key to minimizing the risk of such false advertising challenges.”

To read the full article, please click here.