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Food and Drug Law Practice Attorneys Receive National Law Review's Go-To Thought Leadership Award for FDA Regulation

Attorneys in Keller and Heckman’s Food and Drug Law Practice group are the recipients of the National Law Review’s Go-To Thought Leadership Award for their work in FDA Regulation.

Every year, the National Law Review recognizes less than 1% of its authors with their Go-To Thought Leadership awards. This year, attorneys in Keller and Heckman’s Food and Drug Law Practice Group have been recognized in the category of FDA Regulation.

In an announcement, National Law Review noted that they recognized, “Keller and Heckman’s Food and Drug Law Practice Group as Go-To Thought Leaders for the firm’s contributions on FDA Regulations and guidelines. Keller and Heckman’s expansive FDA coverage included: proposed rules expanding food traceability and record-keeping requirements, new guidance for animal food additives, a final rule concerning gluten-free food labeling, and approval of a new peanut allergy drug. Addressing the COVID-19 crisis, Keller & Heckman provided news about warning required by the FDA for Purell and other actions about hand sanitizer and other Coronavirus prevention and cure claims, the FDA’s and OSHA’s employee health and food safety checklist(s), and COVID-19 best practices for retail and restaurants and COVID-19 Guidance to U.S. food exporters. The firm’s most frequent FDA/Food and Drug Law attorney contributors to the NLR include Azim ChowdhurySheila MillarEvangelia Pelonis, and LieAnn Van-Tull.”

This is the third year the National Law Review has formally recognized the unique talents of its contributors. Less than 1% of the authors who publish with the National Law Review receive the Go-To Thought Leadership Award. This year’s winners include more than 70 authors and firms in more than 35 legal practice areas.

To see the press release announcing the full list of recipients, please click here.