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David Ettinger Quoted in Green Queen Article on Plant-Based Beverages in China

Keller and Heckman Partner David Ettinger was quoted in the Green Queen article, “Nestlé Brings Plant-Based & Upcycled RTD Coffee Products to China.” The article mentions an increasing demand for sustainable, plant-based bottled drinks in China. Nestlé has capitalized on this growing demand, introducing six new coffee lines to China, including plant-based beverages and an upcycled coffee offering.

David commented on rising trends in China regarding healthier food options: “China is promoting healthier and more nutritious food options in response to the Healthy China policy. Therefore, foods offering health benefits and high nutritional value are going to likely lead the way,” he explained. “Chinese consumers will look to healthier options, like alt-proteins, so it will be up to the alt-protein industry to demonstrate that these novel foods provide another nutritious option for consumers.”

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