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Casey Lide Featured on Radio Show about the $65 billion Infrastructure Package

Keller and Heckman Partner Casey Lide was a featured guest on the radio show NewsTalk 103. The episode discussed the pending infrastructure package and how it will affect the future of broadband expansion. The bipartisan bill allocates $65 billion toward extending broadband networks to make broadband more accessible. The centerpiece of the bill, according to Casey, is “to get funding to rural areas and address digital divide issues which have been really highlighted with the COVID pandemic.” 

Critics of the bill emphasize the lack of traditional infrastructure areas such as bridges, tunnels, and roads. “Broadband is the new bridges, tunnels, and roads,” said Casey, “If you have a town without internet access, then economic development is going to stagnant. It is crucial for the future.” 

To listen to the full podcast episode, please click here.