David Ettinger and Azim Chowdhury to Present at 2015 Chinese Int'l Vapor Expo & Shenzhen Int'l e-Cig Expo

Date: Apr 09, 2015

Azim Chowdhury and David Ettinger will be presenting at the 2015 Chinese International Vapor Expo and at the Shenzhen International e-Cigarette Industry Expo on "FDA & Global Regulation of e-Cigarettes."

CECMOL 2015 is a platform for connecting all major industry players and industry leaders together to facilitate further industry development. The event will be attended by major R&D and OEM manufacturers, raw materials producers, major industry dealers, as well as well-known researchers and scientists working in the field of alternatives to smoking.  This program will take place from 4/9 - 4/10.

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The Shenzhen International E-Cigarette Expo will feature a theme forum that will aim to release the current most popular and influential e-cigarette technology, a new product show will highlight items such as e-liquid, battery technology, and e-cigarette safety technology, in addition to an e-cigarette awards ceremony.  This program will take place from 4/15 - 4/17

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