Keller and Heckman Files Second Request for Expedited Action with the FCC

Date: Jun 29, 2012

Last week, Keller and Heckman filed on behalf of several clients a Second Request for Expedited Action ("Second Request") with the FCC. The Second Request is related to an FCC hearing proceeding initiated In April 2011 to revoke the licenses of Maritime Communications/Land Mobile LLC and deny Maritime's applications to assign portions of its FCC licenses to 12 different critical infrastructure companies (7 electric utilities, 4 oil and gas companies, and 1 railroad). In the Hearing Designation Order setting the matter for hearing, the FCC allowed the railroad to show why its application should be excluded from the hearing and granted. The electric utilities and oil and gas companies were not provided the same opportunity and filed a Petition for Reconsideration in May 2011 asking that their companies be afforded the same right as the railroad. In July 2011, the CII Petitioners filed a "Request for Expedited Action," since the Commission had not ruled on the request. The Second Request was filed last week because the Commission still has not acted on the Petition.

Downloadable Files:
Second Annual Motion for Expedited Action

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