Jean Savigny to Present at the EU Regulations for Food Supplements Conference 2013

Date: Jan 23, 2013

Partner Jean Savigny will make a presentation titled Approved Claims List:  What about Botanicals? at the EU Regulations for Food Supplements Conference on January 23,2013, in Brussels.  The Conference is being organized in Brussels by Informa Agra/EU Food Law Weekly.

Mr. Savigny's presentation will analyze the impact of the coexistence on the market of claims included in the EU positive list of approved health claims, with botanical claims not yet approved but covered by a transitional period.  He will also discuss the challenges on legal security, equality, and non discrimination.  Finally, Mr. Savigny will speak to prospects for completion of the list called for by Article 13.3 of Regulation (EC) N° 1924/2006 (due by January 2010) with regard to botanicals.

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