Sheila Millar Will Present "Lessons in Disclosures on Packaging and Labeling"

Date: Sep 13, 2018

Sheila Millar will present "Lessons in Disclosures on Packaging and Labeling" at the PLI Advertising Law Institute 2018 in Chicago from September 13-14, and in San Francisco from October 18-19. The program is intended to provide advertisers with important strategies needed to stay on top of a continually evolving digital landscape. 

Sheila will address the following points during her presentations:

Product packaging and labeling are among the first marketing materials that grab consumer attention, and advertising rules of the road often apply. What are the implications of disclosure obligations for packaging when it comes to safety and health claims, country of origin, seals of approvals, and more? How can we apply recent guidance in FTC consent agreements across industry sectors?

  • Product origins
  • Making conspicuous disclosures: What should you say, how should you say it, and where should you put it?
  • Seals of approval: Explore recent VOC cases and apply the guidance to other spaces
  • When can you put the fine print on the back of a package?
  • How do print schedules for packaging affect claims and disclosures?
  • Lessons to apply across industries: Learning from recent FTC consent agreements
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