Sheila Millar Authors Article "FTC Takes Aim at Apps for Suspect Claims" for Daily Journal

Date: Mar 16, 2017

In a jointly written article published in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal on February 27, 2017, Sheila discusses how the FTC is cracking down on health-related apps whose marketing promises don’t pan out. In particular, Sheila examines two recent cases, Aura Labs and Breathometer, which each made claims that proved to be dangerously unreliable. Aura Labs’ advertising promised its app could deliver blood pressure readings as accurate as a traditional blood pressure cuff; Breathometer guaranteed that its product could provide reliable blood-alcohol readings from a smartphone. The FTC fined both companies and prohibited them from making any similar claims in future. Sheila also looked at how deceptive claims may fall afoul of California state laws on unfair competition, and warn companies that any type of health claims must be supported by competent and reasonable scientific evidence.” To read the full article, click here.