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120 Rue La Boétie
75008 Paris
Phone : +33 (0) 1 86 26 19 40
Fax : +33 (0) 1 86 26 19 31


Avenue Louise 54,
1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0) 2 645 5000
Fax: +32 (0) 2 645 5050


From our EU offices in Brussels and Paris, Keller and Heckman provides counselling and litigation services for highly regulated industries, such as the food, food packaging, drug, cosmetic, and chemical industries.

Companies doing business in Europe face an intricate web of rules and regulations, applied by European and national administrations and interpreted by European and national courts. Keller and Heckman provides up-to-date, practical advice on how these different rules affect companies and industries and how business goals are achieved whilst complying with these rules.

Our reputation is based on our ability to solve problems and to deliver tailor-made solutions in some of the most novel and challenging areas of scientific and commercial innovation and development.

Defining and Applying the Regulatory Framework

The industries Keller and Heckman serve are subject to standards often based upon debate as much as data. We therefore not only advise our clients of their obligations, but also help define those obligations that determine what a company can do and how it may do it. Matters of technical complexity are dealt with by our attorneys working closely with our in-house scientific staff.

Our Capabilities

The EU offices provide integrated legal services on issues spanning all of the EU’s key regulated industry sectors and handle public policy, litigation, compliance, corporate and commercial matters for our clients.

Collectively, our team speaks the main languages of the EU and our attorneys are qualified in various European Union Member States.

Our team of attorneys, scientists, legal and regulatory affairs experts have built and maintained close contacts with European and national authorities to promote regulatory approaches that serve the interests of both our clients and the general public.

Our Clients

Present in Europe for more than 25 years, we have advised hundreds of companies and trade associations, including many multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies and major producers of cosmetics, foods, food additives, food packaging, food supplements, biocidal products, pesticides and specialty chemicals and other consumer products.

Many of our clients serve various markets, in Europe and far beyond. Our EU offices are closely integrated with Keller and Heckman’s offices in the United States (Washington and San Francisco) and Asia (Shanghai) to help our clients across the globe. 

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Our Core Areas of Expertise