May 25, 2012 Future Of EPA's Audit Program Remains Regretfully Uncertain
Jan 19, 2012 EU Bans Exports to Syria for Oil and Gas, Electricity Production and Telecom
Aug 17, 2011 RoHS Recast Final and Official; Implementation Dates Abound
Feb 28, 2011 Environmental Alert: Korean REACH-Like Proposal Released for Public Comment
Feb 15, 2011 Partner Jean-Cyril Walker Discusses EU's Proposed Recast of RoHS in SMT Magazine Article
Jul 30, 2007 Crisis of Confidence in Chinese Food Exports: its Causes, Effects, and a Practical Solution for Providing Customer Assurance
May 18, 2007 Key Aspects of Canada's Chemical Management Program and Challenge Program
Apr 13, 2007 Official Journal of the European Community
Mar 01, 2007 Better Check The EU List Before Selling Food In Plastic Packaging
Dec 01, 2006 European Union May Impose User Fees For Review Of Packaging Materials
Nov 27, 2006 Canada Proposes to Delete Substances from the DSL
Oct 05, 2006 Poster Presentation at the 6th World Congress on Detergents: The EU REACH Regulatory System
Oct 05, 2006 The EU REACH Regulatory System: Pre-Registration Evaluation of OECD SIDS-Approved Chemicals - LAB and LAS as Case Studies
Sep 15, 2006 Preventing Problems and Going to Court When Prevention Isn't Enough
Jul 26, 2006 The Revised EU General Product Safety Directive ("GPSD") and the EU Product Liability Directive: Considerations for Global Consumer Product Manufacturers
Jun 01, 2006 Privacy and Security: Best Practices for Global Security
Apr 01, 2006 WTO Sides with U.S. on GM Crops
Jan 01, 2006 EU Deadline Approaches For Listing And Allowed Use of Plastics Additives
Dec 05, 2005 Prospective Changes in Chinese Rules for Food Contact Plastics Additives
Nov 21, 2005 REACH is Closer This Week in Europe
Nov 03, 2005 Food Recall Insurance: Why Your Company Should Take a Look
Jun 01, 2005 Food Contact Regs: A Global Look
Jun 01, 2005 Progress on Health Claims in Europe
May 01, 2005 Non Food Issues for Food Companies
Mar 01, 2005 Europe Changes Regulations for Food Packaging Materials
Nov 01, 2004 Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring
Aug 01, 2004 CSR Must Be a Balancing Act
Jul 01, 2004 Flex-Pack & Recycling in Japan
Jun 01, 2004 Directive Simplifies Food-Contact Recycled Plastics Laws in Europe
Jun 01, 2004 What Do Europe's GM Regs Require?
Feb 05, 2004 Judgments of the European Court of Justice in cases C-24/00 and C-95/01
Nov 04, 2003 Deadline for Member States to Implement EU Privacy and Electronic Communication Directive Passes
Oct 30, 2003 European Advisory October 2003, Issue No. 8
Oct 01, 2003 Flexible Packaging & European Disposal Laws
Sep 30, 2003 EU Member States Urged to Improve Data Transfer Notification Practice
Jun 24, 2003 European Advisory June 2003, Issue No. 7
May 21, 2003 Practical Tips on Privacy-Respectful HR Data Practices
May 14, 2003 EU Nordic Council Publication on Food Additives in Europe
May 14, 2003 EU Proposes Mandatory Labelling of Certain Allergens in Food and Deletion of 25% Rule for Compound Ingredients
May 14, 2003 EU Accession Treaty Signed in Athens
Apr 01, 2003 Transferring HR Data to the US from EU May Hit a Snag
Oct 25, 2002 EU Data Directive: HR Data and Transfers of HR Data Outside the EU
Sep 01, 2002 European Advisory September 2002, Issue No. 6
Jul 12, 2002 EU Adopts Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications
Jun 03, 2002 Towards a Strict Positive List for Additives Used in Food-Contact Plastics: Companies Should Start Reviewing their Product Formulations
Dec 01, 2001 European Advisory December 2001, Issue No. 5
Jun 01, 2001 European Advisory June 2001, Issue No. 4
May 01, 2001 New Proposal Recommends A Single Food Safety Authority In The European Union
Dec 01, 2000 European Advisory December 2000, Issue No.3
Aug 30, 2000 GMOs Labelling: Detection Methods Likely to Have Casting Vote on Interpretation and Enforcement
Aug 03, 2000 Commission Blueprint on Food Safety
Aug 03, 2000 Consensus and Clarification Needed on the Precautionary Principle
Aug 03, 2000 New Environmental Rules on the Deliberate Release of GMOs: a Stricter and Potentially "Catch All" Environmental Legislation
Aug 03, 2000 Towards a Broader and Stricter General Product Safety Directive
Apr 10, 2000 European Court of Justice (ECJ) Clarifies The Obligations Of Member States Regarding The Marketing Of GM Maize Seeds Approved At EU Level In Accordance With The Provisions Of Directive 90/220/EC
Feb 14, 2000 OECD Issues Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce
Jun 19, 1999 European Commission Issues Guidelines on Quantitative Ingredient Declaration or QUID
Jun 10, 1999 European Union Adopts Legislation on Dietary Foods for Special Medical Purposes
Oct 20, 1998 Spain Adopts a Controversial Procedure for Authorising Food Additives Imported from Other EU Member States
Aug 19, 1998 EU Adopts Proposal on Labelling Genetically Modified Soya and Maize
Aug 11, 1998 The European Union Adopts Legislation to Ban Tobacco Advertising
Dec 15, 1997 Food Contact Substances Regulation: United States Reform and World Harmonization
Jun 25, 1997 The Scientific Case for Case-By-Case