Sheila A. Millar

Jun 05, 2020 California AG Releases Long-Awaited CCPA Final Regulations
Oct 29, 2019 CPSC Staff Addresses IoT 2018 Hearing Feedback, IoT Project Plans in New Report
Oct 11, 2019 California Attorney General Issues Proposed CCPA Regulations
Oct 02, 2019 FTC Workshop Explores "Made in USA" Policy and Enforcement Options
Sep 04, 2019 YouTube to Pay $170 Million in Largest COPPA Settlement to Date
Sep 03, 2019 FTC to Hold September Workshop on "Made in USA" Claims
Aug 29, 2019 Green Chemistry 2018–2019: A Review of the Year That Was and Predictions for the Remainder of 2019
Jul 19, 2019 FTC Requests Public Comments on COPPA Rule
Apr 24, 2019 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach – Updated April 2019
Apr 08, 2019 FTC Targets Paid Reviews and Negative Option Sales in $100,000 Settlement
Mar 26, 2019 Senators Markey and Hawley Introduce Bill to Expand COPPA
Mar 20, 2019 California Consumer Privacy Act: Your at-a-glance guide to key business obligations
Mar 07, 2019 App Company Pays Record COPPA Fine
Jan 03, 2019 Sheila Millar and Tracy Marshall Provide Law360 Expert Analysis on New COPPA Enforcement Actions
Dec 07, 2018 New York AG Announces Largest COPPA Fine in U.S. History
Nov 01, 2018 FTC Finalizes Settlement with Uber
Oct 18, 2018 CPSC Steps Up Enforcement of Child-Resistant Packaging Requirements
Oct 17, 2018 California Enacts First IoT Cybersecurity Law
Oct 04, 2018 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach – Updated October 2018
Sep 24, 2018 CPSC to Vote on New Operating Plan on October 10, 2018
Sep 19, 2018 FTC Continues Crackdown on "Made in America" Claims
Jul 12, 2018 California Passes Toughest Online Privacy Law in the U.S.
Jul 10, 2018 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach – UPDATED JULY 2018
Jul 09, 2018 German Court Issues First GDPR Ruling
Jun 20, 2018 FTC Staff Submits Comment to CPSC on Potential IoT Safety Hazards
Jun 13, 2018 Keller and Heckman Alert: Senate Staffer Peter Feldman Nominated for Final Spot + Additional Term on CPSC
May 23, 2018 Dana Baiocco Confirmed as New CPSC Commissioner
Apr 19, 2018 Uber Agrees to Expanded Settlement with FTC For Failure to Disclose Data Breach
Apr 11, 2018 Sheila Millar Authors Expert Analysis Piece "Why CPSC Sued to Recall Stroller That Met Standards"
Apr 11, 2018 Why CPSC Sued To Recall Stroller That Met Standards
Mar 28, 2018 CPSC to Hold Hearing on Connected Product Hazards
Feb 12, 2018 DOE Extends Comment Period for RFI on the Process for Developing Energy Conservation Standards
Jan 31, 2018 FTC's Annual Privacy and Data Security Report Highlights Connected Products Cases
Jan 25, 2018 FTC Brings its Third "Made in America" Complaint in 12 Months
Jan 11, 2018 Vermont Seeks to Amend its Chemical Disclosure Program
Jan 10, 2018 FTC and VTech Settle Alleged COPPA Privacy and Security Violations
Jan 03, 2018 FTC Issues Staff Report on Native Advertising
Nov 27, 2017 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach Updated June 2017
Nov 21, 2017 FTC Releases Guidance on Voice Recordings Under COPPA
Oct 30, 2017 Court Rules on Spectrum Challenge to CPSC Civil Penalty Authority
Oct 11, 2017 Federal Court Sends FTC Back to the Drawing Board in D-Link Complaint
Sep 26, 2017 Equifax Data Breach Prompts Federal and State Investigations, Federal Legislation, and Lawsuits
Sep 08, 2017 What to do About the Equifax Data Breach
Sep 07, 2017 CPSC Acts on Phthalates
Aug 16, 2017 Uber Settles with FTC Over Allegations of False Privacy and Security Claims
Aug 14, 2017 D.C. Court's Mexichem Decision May Alter SNAP Dramatically
Jul 20, 2017 FTC Sees Red Over Paint Companies' "Green" Claims
Jul 12, 2017 International Consumer Protection Website Launched
Jun 22, 2017 FTC's Updated COPPA Compliance Plan Confirms Applicability to IoT Products
May 16, 2017 Green Chemistry in 2017: The State of the States
Apr 28, 2017 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach Updated April 2017
Apr 13, 2017 Sheila Millar Authors Law360 Article: "The Evolving Legal Landscape For Connected Products"
Mar 28, 2017 California Considers Connected Product Security and Data Collection Notice Requirements
Feb 06, 2017 A Look Inside NIST's Updated Cybersecurity Framework
Jan 31, 2017 FTC Takes Aim at Blood Pressure and Breathalyzer App Ads
Dec 28, 2016 FTC Recalls Auto Ads
Dec 21, 2016 NGOs File Suit to Compel CPSC to Issue Final Phthalates Rule
Dec 14, 2016 ICC Issues Statement on Code Interpretation for Marketing and Advertising to Children and Teens
Dec 14, 2016 U.S. and EU Consumer Groups Ask Global Regulators to Investigate Two Connected Toys
Nov 02, 2016 Recalls Expanding to China After Consumer and Media Complaints
Oct 06, 2016 Another State AG Weighs in on Children's Privacy
Oct 06, 2016 Best Buy Agrees to Pay $3.8 Million for Selling Recalled Products
Sep 19, 2016 NTIA Announces Multistakeholder Workshop on IoT Security Patching
Sep 19, 2016 New York Attorney General Announces COPPA Settlements
Aug 17, 2016 China's SAIC Seeks Comment on Data Protection Rule as Part of Consumer Rights Initiative
Jun 23, 2016 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach (Updated June 2016)
Jun 16, 2016 Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation: A Checklist for Businesses
Mar 26, 2016 CPSC Obtains Record $15.45 Million Settlement from Dehumidifier Manufacturer
Mar 01, 2016 European Commission Releases Draft Text of Adequacy Decision on EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
Jan 28, 2016 CPSC May Get New Authority Over Liquid Nicotine Containers for E-Cigarettes
Jan 27, 2016 CPSC Likely to Gain New Authority Over Some Nicotine-Containing E-Liquid Packages
Jan 21, 2016 The Internet of Things: A World of Compliance Challenges
Jan 14, 2016 CPSC Staff Appear Set to Get Vote on Voluntary Standards
Dec 22, 2015 FTC Issues Enforcement Policy Statement and Guidance on "Native Advertising"
Dec 17, 2015 Agreement Reached on Landmark EU Data Protection Reform
Sep 29, 2015 In Turnaround, California Abandons Restrictive "Made in USA" Standard
Sep 01, 2015 State Data Breach Notification Laws – Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach
Jul 14, 2015 Post/Tweet/Pin/Snap/Share/Etc. with Confidence: Crafting Social Media Policies to Survive Consumer and Regulatory Scrutiny
Jun 01, 2015 State Data Breach Notification Laws - Overview of Requirements for Responding to a Data Breach
Apr 28, 2015 California Federal Judge Rejects Apparel Company's Motion to Dismiss "Made in America" Suit Under California Law
Apr 24, 2015 U.S. House Passes Cyberthreat Information Sharing Bills
Mar 26, 2015 Vermont Proposes SKU-Level Reporting in GreenChem Rulemaking
Feb 27, 2015 Green Chemistry – The State of the States
Feb 02, 2015 POM-eled: POM Wonderful, The FTC and Competitor Challenges (Hint – It's All About Consumer Deception)
Jan 15, 2015 EPA Eliminates Article Exemption for Benzidine-Based Chemical Substances in Significant New Use Rule
Nov 19, 2014 TRUSTe Settles Allegations of Deceptive Privacy Seal Compliance Representations
Nov 04, 2014 FTC Warns Plastic Bag Companies about Oxodegradable Claims
Sep 19, 2014 What's "Safer"? Will DfE's Proposed Label Changes Send Misleading Messages?
Sep 17, 2014 California's DTSC Releases Draft Priority Product Work Plan Under State's Green Chemistry Law
Sep 11, 2014 COPPA +1: Issues and Impacts for Children's Privacy
Aug 25, 2014 FTC Closes Chapter on "Your Baby Can Read"
Aug 13, 2014 Don't Take Chances: Emerging Trends in Promotion Marketing Law that Every Sponsor Should Know
Aug 07, 2014 7th COPPA Safe Harbor Program Approved; Safe Harbor Annual Reports FOIA'd
Aug 04, 2014 FTC Report on Mobile Shopping Apps Emphasizes Need for More Transparent Disclosures
Jul 23, 2014 Privacy & Advertising Alert: FTC Dings Company for Peddling Made-in-USA Seals
Jul 02, 2014 Privacy Alert: FTC Finalizes Settlements of Alleged Safe Harbor Violations Against 14 Companies
Jun 20, 2014 FTC Cuts Down Plastic Lumber Recycled Content Claims
May 29, 2014 Privacy and Advertising Alert
May 15, 2014 Privacy and Advertising Alert
May 15, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Apr 07, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Apr 04, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Mar 28, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Feb 18, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Feb 07, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Jan 27, 2014 Sheila Millar Authors Article in Compliance and Risks Newsletter
Jan 15, 2014 Consumer Protection Alert
Dec 04, 2013 New Jersey Attorney General Settles Second COPPA Case
Nov 22, 2013 Strict Voluntary Recall "Guidelines" Proposed by CPSC
Sep 04, 2013 California Green Chemistry Regulation to Be Effective October 1, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 Sheila Millar Authored an Article, CPSC's Misuse of the RCO Doctrine Bodes Ill for CEO's and Consumers, Published by Washington Legal Foundation
Jul 26, 2013 Industry Groups Release Privacy Standards for Mobile App Ads
May 28, 2013 Environmental and Advertising Advisory - Marketing Products as "VOC-Free" in Light of the FTC's Enforcement Policy Statement
Apr 30, 2013 FTC Issues Revised COPPA FAQs
Apr 02, 2013 MA ZIP Code Ruling: Implications for Online Retailers, Gas Stations and Others
Mar 21, 2013 Supreme Court Strengthens Challenges to Privacy Plaintiffs
Mar 18, 2013 FTC Updates Dot Com Disclosures Guidance for Digital Ads
Mar 13, 2013 CPSC Proposes to Revise Supplemental Definition of "Strong Sensitizers" Under FHSA
Feb 15, 2013 "Likes" and "Tweets" for a Chance to Win: Conducting Sweepstakes and Contests in a Digital World
Feb 14, 2013 President Issues Highly Anticipated Cybersecurity Executive Order and Related Policy Directive
Jan 14, 2013 Green Chemistry Update: Maine Releases BPA Alternatives Assessment Report
Dec 20, 2012 Revamping Kids Privacy: FTC Finalizes COPPA Rule Changes
Oct 26, 2012 Court Rebuffs CPSC Database Disclosure Decision in Important Administrative Law Ruling
Oct 02, 2012 FTC Finalizes Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims
Sep 10, 2012 Emerging Trends in Privacy and Data Security Litigation
Aug 27, 2012 The Risky Business of Evaluating Risk: Product Liability Litigation Exposure from Green Chemistry Alternatives Assessments
Aug 06, 2012 Kids Privacy: FTC Seeks Public Comment on Additional COPPA Rule Changes
Jul 30, 2012 Green Chemistry Update: Maine Releases List of Chemicals of High Concern
Jun 29, 2012 Mobile App Developer Settles COPPA Violations with NJ AG
Jun 28, 2012 U.S. Privacy and Data Security Developments: Impact on Retailers
Jun 06, 2012 Washington Issues Green Chemistry Alternatives Assessment Guidance
Apr 19, 2012 Privacy Alert: Class Action Targets Facebook for In-App Purchases by Kids, May Fuel Interest in Mobile App Regulation
Apr 13, 2012 Maryland Passes Bill Ensuring Social Media Password Privacy for Employees
Mar 27, 2012 Privacy Alert: FTC Releases Final Privacy Report
Feb 29, 2012 Client Alert: NLRB Releases Report on Social Media Cases
Feb 27, 2012 Privacy Alert: White House Privacy Report and App Actions May Change Privacy Landscape
Jan 27, 2012 Privacy Alert: Sweeping EU Privacy Proposal Unveiled
Nov 10, 2011 Court Says First Amendment Bars Enforcement of FDA Graphic Cigarette Warning Rules
Oct 25, 2011 CPSC Adopts Final Testing and Component Testing Rules; Proposes Two Additional Rules on Testing and Certification
Sep 15, 2011 FTC Proposes, Seeks Comments on, Major Changes to Children's Privacy Rules
Sep 09, 2011 Guide to Data Breach Preparedness and Response
Sep 02, 2011 CYBER ATTACKS: Are you covered?
Aug 26, 2011 New York Court Dismisses Advertisers from "Flash Cookie" Lawsuit; Narrows State Claims Against Ad Technology Provider
Aug 19, 2011 President Signs Legislation Amending CPSIA; New Rulemakings Required
Aug 19, 2011 New York Judge Dismisses False Advertising Suit Against USGBC
Aug 15, 2011 Significant Variability Found in Toxics in Packaging Compliance Verification Testing
Aug 11, 2011 Canada Proposes Anti-Spam Regulations
Aug 05, 2011 Congress Passes Legislation to Amend CPSIA
Jul 25, 2011 Washington Finalizes Green Chemistry Reporting Rule
Jun 21, 2011 Canada's New Product Safety Law Takes Effect
May 19, 2011 California Green Chemistry Regulation Update
May 03, 2011 Supreme Court Upholds AT&T's Contract Clause Prohibiting Class-Wide Arbitration
Apr 29, 2011 IWG Issues Principles for Marketing Food to Children and Adolescents
Apr 18, 2011 Product Safety Alert: CPSC Public Database Now Live
Nov 24, 2010 Client Alert: California Broadens, Then Narrows, Scope of Proposed Green Chemistry Initiative Regulations
Nov 05, 2010 Television EnergyGuide Label Alert
Oct 28, 2010 Product Safety Alert: CPSIA Plus 2: New Deadlines, New Proposals Affect Manufacturers, Importers, Retailers
Oct 18, 2010 FTC's Proposed Guides Concerning the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims: What's New, What's Not
Aug 04, 2010 State Green Chemistry Initiatives Take Root: Are You Ready?
Jul 19, 2010 Client Alert: California's Green Chemistry Initiative Raises Many Litigation Concerns
Jul 07, 2010 Client Alert: California's Proposed "Green Chemistry" Regulation Could Broadly Affect Consumer Product Makers, Sellers
Jun 25, 2010 Protecting Children: U.S Regulations May Have Broader Impact On All Businesses
Jun 04, 2010 Client Alert: FTC to Examine Food Marketing to Children and Teens
May 14, 2010 Privacy Alert: Boucher, Stearns Release Draft Privacy Bill
Dec 22, 2009 Product Safety Alert: CPSIA Update
Dec 18, 2009 Inter-agency Working Group Releases Nutrition Standards for Foods Marketed to Children at FTC Obesity Workshop
Nov 25, 2009 Environmental Advisory: U.S. Climate Change Mitigation Efforts: The Story So Far and Looking Ahead
Nov 17, 2009 Product Safety Alert: CPSC Issues Draft Guidance, Plans Workshop on CPSIA Training Testing and Certification Requirements
Nov 17, 2009 Product Safety Alert: Full Complement of CPSC Commissioners Works on CPSIA Implementation
Nov 10, 2009 FTC Delays Enforcement of Red Flags Rule - Client Alert
Aug 31, 2009 FTC Ban on Prerecorded Telemarketing Calls Takes Effect September 1
Aug 26, 2009 Massachusetts Revises Data Security Regulations; Extends Effective Date
Aug 24, 2009 Client Alert: California Supreme Court Finds in Favor of Employer in Video Surveillance Case
Aug 19, 2009 Structuring Online Sweepstakes and Contests: New Challenges for Marketers
Aug 14, 2009 Product Safety Alert: CPSIA One Year Later: New Deadlines, New Proposals for Manufacturers, Retailers
Aug 11, 2009 Client Alert: FTC Set To Enforce Red Flags Rule Beginning November 1: Are You Ready?
Aug 05, 2009 Privacy Alert: Maine Kids' Privacy Law Conflicts with COPPA
Jun 02, 2009 Client Alert: Employee Retaliation Claims for Failure to Use HR Portal Due to Privacy, Security Fears To Be Heard by Jury
May 27, 2009 Environmental Business Alert: H.R. 2454, The American Clean Energy Security Act: Potential Impact On Retailers
May 18, 2009 Product Safety Alert: TRACKING LABELS: Industry Speaks Out On Upcoming Rule, but Stay Request Denied
Apr 28, 2009 Environmental Business Alert: Navigating the IRS Green Trap
Apr 20, 2009 Growing Controversy over Children's Health and The Environment
Apr 02, 2009 Environmental Business Alert: GREENHOUSE GAS REPORTING: An Economy-Wide Proposal
Mar 31, 2009 Employment Alert: Former Employee Who Discovered That Her Employer Accessed Her Personal Email Account Could Not Recover Statutory Damages Under The Stored Communications Act
Mar 24, 2009 Product Safety Alert: CPSC Public Meeting on Global Post-manufacturing Traceability System Signals Potential for Global Program
Feb 25, 2009 CPSC Seeks Comments on Proposed Phthalate Guidance; Comments Due by March 25, 2009
Feb 09, 2009 MAJOR CPSIA DEVELOPMENTS: Court Rules CPSIA Phthalate Ban Applies to Inventory and Products on Store Shelves; CPSC Refuses to Stay Deadlines, Issues Interim Rule on Electronic Products and Other Guidance
Feb 04, 2009 CPSC Stays CPSIA Testing and Certification in Part
Dec 29, 2008 Lead and Preemption Take Center Stage at CPSC
Dec 17, 2008 CPSC Clarifies PPPA Certification Obligations for Drugmakers
Dec 15, 2008 NAD Says "Oxo-Biodegradable" Claims Not Supported
Nov 18, 2008 CPSC Final Rule on CPSIA Certifications Leaves Questions
Oct 03, 2008 Product Safety Alert: Expanded Product Safety Certification for Consumer Products Effective November 12, 2008!
Sep 30, 2008 Product Safety Alert: Is Packaging for a Children's Product a "Children's Product" under the CPSIA?
Aug 22, 2008 Product Safety Alert: CPSC Legislation: What Does it Mean for Packaging Producers?
Aug 18, 2008 Product Safety Alert: Clock Starts on Product Safety Compliance Deadlines
Aug 08, 2008 Congress Enacts Broad New Whistleblower Protections For Employees Engaged in the Manufacture, Labeling, Distribution, and Sale of Consumer Products
Jul 31, 2008 CPSC Reauthorization Legislation Expected to Pass
Jul 02, 2008 FCC Proposes Changes to Sponsorship Identification Rules
Jul 01, 2008 Product Safety Alert: Conferees Continue Work On CPSC Reform Legislation
May 23, 2008 Client Alert: FTC Issues CAN-SPAM Final Rule
May 15, 2008 FTC Green Packaging Workshop
Mar 17, 2008 Product Safety Alert - CPSC Reauthorization Legislation Moves Forward
Mar 10, 2008 Environmental Alert - FTC Plans Green Packaging Workshop
Mar 03, 2008 Product Safety Alert - Senate to Move Product Safety Legislation
Feb 12, 2008 New TSCA § 8(D) Reporting Requirements for Lead in Children's Products
Dec 01, 2007 FTC Undertakes Review of Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, Plans Workshop on Carbon Offsets
Sep 01, 2007 Major Changes to Product Safety Laws Proposed by Democratic Senators
Apr 12, 2007 Association News Alert
Nov 15, 2006 Environmental Business Alert
Sep 15, 2006 Preventing Problems and Going to Court When Prevention Isn't Enough
Aug 22, 2006 Consumer Sales of Industrial Products = Increased Regulatory Scrutiny
Jul 26, 2006 The Revised EU General Product Safety Directive ("GPSD") and the EU Product Liability Directive: Considerations for Global Consumer Product Manufacturers
Jun 30, 2006 Environmental Advisory June 30, 2006
Mercury Reduction Laws
Jun 01, 2006 Privacy and Security: Best Practices for Global Security
Apr 01, 2006 Will Food Laws Be Uniform?
Mar 01, 2006 Zero Funding for FCN Program?
Feb 01, 2006 A New Twist on CSR
Jan 01, 2006 Environmental Right-to-Know
Dec 09, 2005 Privacy Alert
FCC Proposes Rules Implementing Junk Fax Prevention Act
Dec 07, 2005 Privacy Alert
DSW Settles Data Security Breach Complaint with FTC
Dec 01, 2005 Packaging 2006: What's Ahead?
Nov 01, 2005 Fuel Charges Hit Shippers
Oct 27, 2005 Data Security: Corporate Best Practices Alert
Oct 01, 2005 Data Security: A Growing Concern
Sep 01, 2005 Testing for Toxics in Packaging
Aug 01, 2005 Obesity: Can Packaging Help?
Jul 14, 2005 Junk Fax Prevention Act Signed into Law
Jul 01, 2005 E-Waste Debate Could Influence Package Recycling Legislation
Jun 01, 2005 FTC Seeks Comment on CAN SPAM Definitions and Provisions
Jun 01, 2005 Food Contact Regs: A Global Look
May 01, 2005 E-Waste Legislation
May 01, 2005 Non Food Issues for Food Companies
Apr 01, 2005 RFID: Emerging Policy Issues
Mar 01, 2005 Is a Packaging Makeover Ahead?
Feb 01, 2005 CAN SPAM Laws & E-Mail
Jan 01, 2005 Food Recordkeeping Requirements
Dec 01, 2004 The Legislative Outlook for 2005
Nov 17, 2004 California's Information Security Law
Nov 01, 2004 RFID & EPC Systems
Nov 01, 2004 Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring
Oct 01, 2004 Implications of Bioterrorism Act
Sep 01, 2004 Be Prepared for E-Discovery
Aug 16, 2004 FTC Seeks Comment on Proposed Rule Defining Primary Purpose of Commercial E-mail; FCC Adopts Rule Governing Commercial E-mail Sent to Wireless Devices
Aug 01, 2004 CSR Must Be a Balancing Act
Jul 01, 2004 Flex-Pack & Recycling in Japan
Jun 17, 2004 FTC, NAD Fight False Fat Claims
Jun 01, 2004 Watch for New Overtime Regs
May 01, 2004 Nanotech The Next Big Thing
Apr 01, 2004 Waste & That Blue Box
Mar 12, 2004 FCC Solicits Comments on Proposals to Eliminate Spam From Mobile Phones and Create "Safe Harbor" For Telemarketing Calls to Mobile Phones
Mar 11, 2004 FTC Solicits Comments on CAN-SPAM Act
Mar 08, 2004 U.S. District Court Upholds FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule
Mar 01, 2004 Nonattainment Regs Get Stricter
Feb 18, 2004 Tenth Circuit Upholds Constitutionality of Do-Not-Call Registry
Feb 01, 2004 'COOL' Rules!
Jan 01, 2004 Legislative Outlook for 2004
Dec 18, 2003 CAN-DO CAN-SPAM!
Dec 01, 2003 Seeing SPAM from 2 Directions
Nov 04, 2003 Deadline for Member States to Implement EU Privacy and Electronic Communication Directive Passes
Nov 01, 2003 Two FDA Bioterrorism Rules Exempt Food Contact Substances
Oct 08, 2003 Court of Appeals Allows FTC to Enforce Do-Not-Call Registry
Oct 02, 2003 New California Anti-SPAM Law has Major Implications for Commercial and Non-Profit Advertisers
Oct 02, 2003 Impact of Judicial Do-Not-Call Rulings on Commercial Advertising
Oct 01, 2003 Flexible Packaging & European Disposal Laws
Sep 30, 2003 EU Member States Urged to Improve Data Transfer Notification Practice
Sep 15, 2003 PTO Rule Changes Implementing the Madrid Protocol Could Affect All Trademark Applications
Sep 01, 2003 EPA Considering NJ Model for Regulating Reactive Chemicals
Aug 19, 2003 FCC Stays Effective Date of Implementation of New Unsolicited Fax Rules   Updated
Aug 04, 2003 What the FCC's New Do Not Fax Rules Mean For Your Business
Aug 01, 2003 Flexible Packaging & Waste Disposal Laws: A US Perspective
Jul 02, 2003 Issue Brief
U.S. Supreme Court Dismisses Nike Case
Jul 01, 2003 Alien Tort Claims Act Comes Under Scrutiny
Jun 01, 2003 DHS Proposes Rules for Critical Infrastructure Reports, Data
Jun 01, 2003 Environmental Reporting and Recordkeeping: Sound Strategies and Legal Insights
May 21, 2003 Practical Tips on Privacy-Respectful HR Data Practices
May 01, 2003 OMB Seeks Comments on Costs and Benefits of Federal Regulations
Apr 01, 2003 Transferring HR Data to the US from EU May Hit a Snag
Mar 17, 2003 Practical Trademark Tips for Food Companies
Mar 01, 2003 Proposed Bioterrorism Regs Could Affect Converters
Feb 10, 2003 SPAM, SPAM, Everywhere!!!!
Feb 05, 2003 Supreme Court Decision Upholds Extension of Copyrights
Feb 01, 2003 EPA Finalizes Paper and Web Coating MACT
Jan 16, 2003 Implications of the Proposed Toys R Us Privacy Class Action Settlement
Dec 01, 2002 FDA Hosts Stakeholders Workshop on FCN Process
Nov 01, 2002 EPA Agrees to Backpedal on MACT Permit Application Deadlines
Oct 25, 2002 EU Data Directive: HR Data and Transfers of HR Data Outside the EU
Oct 01, 2002 Protecting Trade Secrets in an Electronic World
Jul 12, 2002 EU Adopts Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications
Sep 01, 2001 CPSC: The 'Other' Packaging Regulatory Agency to Watch
Jun 18, 2001 FTC, CARU Take Aim at COPPA Violators
Apr 18, 2001 Ergonomics Rule is Dead, Revised Clean Air Regs Live
Mar 22, 2001 FTC Approval of CARU Safe Harbor Program
Jun 28, 2000 Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Transactions in the Borderless Online Marketplace
Apr 20, 2000 Associations and DotCom Fever
Feb 14, 2000 FTC/DOC Announce Workshop on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Transactions in the Borderless Online Marketplace
Feb 14, 2000 OECD Issues Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce
Feb 01, 2000 Competitors, FTC, EPA Take Aim at Antimicrobial Ads
Jan 28, 2000 The New ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy: Another Weapon Against Cybersquatters
Jan 10, 2000 The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act: A New Cause of Action Against Bad Faith Misappropriation of Domain Names
Jan 01, 2000 The Executive's Guide to Internet Law
Oct 13, 1999 Linking, Framing, Metatagging and Cyberstuffing: Challenges for Trademark Owners
Oct 01, 1999 FTC Acts Against Company Making Antimicrobial Claims
Sep 20, 1999 New Requirements for Trademark Applicants and Registrants
Jul 30, 1999 Trademark Dos and Don'ts
Feb 24, 1999 Maintaining A Trademark
Feb 19, 1999 CPSC Announces Public Forum on Consumer Identification
Aug 11, 1998 Agricultural Products Treated with Methyl Bromide Are Not Subject to Labeling for Ozone-Depleting Substances
Jun 08, 1998 FTC Releases Report to Congress on Consumer Online Privacy, Recommends Legislation to Protect Children
Feb 13, 1998 Failure to Warn Cases - A Major Threat
Dec 23, 1997 FTC Announces Results of "Kids Privacy Surf Day"
Dec 10, 1997 Reporting Obligations Under the Consumer Product Safety Act
Dec 03, 1997 So You Want to Change Your Trademark.....Questions to Consider
Dec 03, 1997 Copyright Basics
Dec 03, 1997 Brand Identification In An Ever-Changing World
Apr 24, 1997 Software Contracts Checklist for Purchasers
Feb 24, 1997 So You Need a Consultant ... Copyright Considerations in Contracting
Feb 24, 1997 Guidelines for the Reservation of Internet Addresses and Trademark Registration of Internet Domain Names
Feb 24, 1997 Trademark Use and Registration Issues
Mar 01, 1996 A Talk with Senator Orrin Hatch
Product Safety Alert: CPSC Solicits Comments on Choking Hazard Warning Obligations, Lead Exceptions
NAD Says "Oxo-Biodegradable" Claims Not Supported