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Azim Chowdhury edits FDLI's "Tobacco Regulation and Compliance: An Essential Resource" publication

Azim Chowdhury edited "Tobacco Regulation and Compliance: An Essential Resource" (ISBN 978-1-935065-43-2) - the Food, Drug and Law Institute's (FDLI) first publication focused exclusively on tobacco, which can now be purchased online here.

This book serves as an essential resource to stakeholders navigating the continually developing regulation of tobacco products by FDA, and brings together experts in the field to explain and discuss where we are now in areas of tobacco product law and regulation. In addition to serving as Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Chowdhury authored Chapter 6, "Criminal Liability and the Park Doctrine"; Mike Novak authored Chapter 13, "Pesticides and Tobacco"; and Herb Estreicher and Marcus Navin-Jones co-authored Chapter 15, "Selected Topics in the Regulation of Tobacco Products in the European Union." Jacquelyn Thompson, Patrice Brooks-Gelling, Kathryn Coniglio, Brenna Finn, Laura Foley, Janet Hager, and Abigail Ross also assisted in reviewing, editing and cite checking the book.