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Dual Column Integrated Presentation of TSCA and CSIA

The Chemical Safety Improvement Act, S. 1009, is 127 pages of double-spaced legislative text, with instructions for making the proposed deletions, replacements, amendments and additions to TSCA, it may be easier to understand the bill’s impact by viewing the entire statute as if it were amended.  This avoids the need to frequently refer to the existing statute and to remember “what’s in,” “what’s out,” and where provisions would be moved.

Major new provisions in the bill are spaced so that they appear adjacent to the text that would be deleted.  To maximize the goal of providing a document with a minimum number of “instructions” that otherwise would distract from comprehension of the whole, conforming changes and renumbering events are shown as highlighted/strikeout text within the existing text of TSCA in the left column.

Keller and Heckman’s Chemical Control team trusts you will find this presentation helpful to your understanding of the changes that S. 1009 would (and would not) make to TSCA.

Click here to view the Dual Column Integrated Presentation of TSCA and CSIA.