The firm believes that the best way to develop and train new associates is to bring them into contact with clients at an early date and to allow them extensive responsibility for personally handling client matters. The firm's size and informal atmosphere afford associates ample opportunity to become involved in and significantly impact the legal practice and other aspects of life at Keller and Heckman. The firm also recognizes that the rigorous demands of a legal practice must be balanced with time for family, friends, and personal interests. Keller and Heckman factors the need for this balance into the demands made on associates' time.

New associates are assigned to a primary practice area in the firm after consultation with that individual to ascertain his or her interests, and are encouraged to develop expertise in that particular area. While associates have primary responsibility to their principle practice area, the firm is not rigidly departmentalized, and attorneys can often pursue their interest in other areas of the law depending on the needs of the firm.

Associates also benefit from the opportunity to work with our in-house scientific and technical staff who assist our attorneys in mastering the scientific issues involved in regulatory law and the technical aspects of our clients' business.

From their first days at the firm, new attorneys experience the opportunity to work with firm clients on important issues affecting their industry. A partner is assigned to each associate to coordinate workload and assure an appropriate and controlled flow of assignments. In addition to practice area activities, the professional development and training of new associates is overseen by the Professional Development and Training Committee.

During the first year, new associates participate in a formal training program involving seminars on the day-to-day issues of being a lawyer. Topics include Management of Time and Workload, Staff Relations, Legal Writing and Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentation Skills. There are workshops on specific legal skills to further the professional development of new associates. As the associate gains experience, the firm offers advanced training in such skills as marketing, client development and negotiation. All attorneys are encouraged to participate in Continuing Legal Education courses and seminars.