Universal Service Fund

Keller and Heckman is expert on the two core aspects of the FCC’s Universal Service Fund:  the contribution rules that virtually all telecommunications providers must master and navigate and the USF-supported programs, particularly the Connect America Fund (formerly the High Cost Fund) and E-Rate.  

These programs have undergone substantial reform as the FCC has shifted funding from legacy voice services to broadband Internet access.  We represent a major trade association deeply involved in the FCC rule making proceedings implementing the Rural Broadband Experiments and the CAF II reverse auction.  We advise firms on the rules governing E-Rate funding. 

            Keller and Heckman represents services providers on compliance with USF contribution rules and reporting requirements.   Our clients have either a domestic or international focus and offer either widely available consumer services or services targeted to customers with specialized requirements.   Keller and Heckman advises clients on contribution rules and reporting requirements,  counsels on USAC audits, and identifies and offers recommendations on the significant issues and questions the FCC has left unresolved for years, (either by declining to rule on appeals of USAC determinations or industry requests for clarification).   We represent companies in USF-related enforcement matters and in FCC rulemaking proceedings looking to reform the contribution rules.