Telecommunications Infrastructure

Keller and Heckman represents telecommunications infrastructure companies that design, construct and operate dark fiber networks and macro and small cell sites.  We are expert in drafting and negotiating dark fiber agreements (IRUs and leases) and cell site leases, including template documents. Keller and Heckman represents firms engaged in constructing dark fiber networks to support broadband networks in underserved areas and in negotiating combination dark fiber/cell site deployments with the major wireless carriers. 

Our Telecom Practice Group includes counsel previously engaged in leading the wireless infrastructure industry on legislative and regulatory policy matters, enabling Keller and Heckman to deliver unique insights and expertise into local zoning challenges associated with wireless telecommunications infrastructure siting. 

As clients describe a proposed transaction we focus on core risks, such as the viability of existing easements, rights-of- way and franchise agreements and the timely recovery of expended capital.  In representing our clients, our goal is to frame agreements and negotiation strategies that further our clients’ objectives, minimize their financial risks, and balance all other risks consistent with industry practices, all with the understanding that many of these agreements are intended to remain in effect for years. 

Telecommunications infrastructure clients benefit from Keller and Heckman’s expertise on FCC, FAA and state tower regulation, federal and state pole attachment regulation, our firm’s OSHA practice attorneys expert in tower safety matters, and our firm’s environmental attorneys expert in potential liabilities associated with back-up power facilities and developed and undeveloped real estate.