FCC Enforcement

Keller and Heckman regularly provides our clients with proactive, expert advice to promote compliance with various obligations under the Communications Act and related FCC regulations with the goal of keeping our clients from becoming the subject of an FCC enforcement action.

We also have extensive experience representing clients subject to investigations and enforcement actions initiated by the FCC.  Companies engage Keller and Heckman to assist with all aspects of enforcement proceedings, typically seeking counsel in responding to an FCC Letter of Inquiry (LOI), dealing with monetary forfeitures, and handling license revocation proceedings.  Clients rely on our attorneys to guide them through the entire enforcement process.

Our attorneys have broad experience in advising clients on enforcement-related proceedings across a host of FCC-related rules, including wireless spectrum, communications towers, pole attachments, Universal Service Fund, 911 reliability rules, Network Outage Reporting, and others.  We have represented clients in hearing proceedings before FCC Administrative Law Judges, negotiated settlements for violations of the agency’s rules, and assisted clients with creating and implementing Compliance Plans that ensure ongoing compliance with the agency’s rules. 

On behalf of our clients, we have successfully convinced the FCC not to pursue enforcement actions for alleged rule violations, persuaded the agency to reduce proposed forfeitures, and negotiated consent decrees that required no admission of wrongdoing.

We also counsel clients on implications of potential rule violations and advise clients seeking to file complaints with the Commission alleging rule violations by third parties.