Sam Jockel to Present "USDA's Proposed Biogengineered Food Disclosure Standard – Key Issues and Next Steps"

Date: Jun 14, 2018

Sam Jockel will present "USDA's Proposed Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard – Key Issues and Next Steps" on June 14 from 2:00-3:30PM. This webinar will delve into different types of relevant genetic modifications, and will decipher which methods of bioengineering may or may not be required to provide a disclosure under the final rule. Speakers will also provide an in-depth look at the food labeling disclosure requirements and choices food manufacturers must make, how manufacturers will be affected by these critical changes, and what they can do to prepare. Finally, opportunities will be discussed to influence the development of the final rule before the comment period closes on July 3rd. For more information, or to register, click here.

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