SPECIAL TELECOM ALERT: Government Shutdown Now In Effect

Date: Oct 01, 2013

SPECIAL TELECOM ALERT: Government Shutdown Now In Effect

Effective this morning, the federal government has been “shutdown” as a result of the failure of Congress to agree on a new budget.

Late last week, the FCC released a document explaining the impact of a then-potential shutdown of the government.  A copy is available HERE.

The FCC’s shutdown procedures indicate the vast majority of FCC staff is considered “non-essential.”  Only 38 of the 1754 employees, roughly 2%, will be retained at the agency during the shutdown along with minimal security personnel and contractors to protect life and property. 

Senior officials and management representatives from the individual Bureaus may be called upon to work on an as-needed basis in the event of a crisis.  The rest of the FCC staff was given four (4) hours this morning to perform shutdown procedures (cancel meetings, FCC sponsored events, etc.). 

The ULS database remains active.  The FCC help desk in Gettysburg, PA, however, has instituted an automated message indicating it is closed due to a lapse in appropriations.