Webinar: GMO Labeling: Part 2 The Current and Future Status of GMO Labeling

The future of GM labeling is hard to predict in today’s ever changing environment.  Many states have either passed or tried to pass legislation to require mandatory GM labeling of food and prohibit the use of "natural" claims on certain foods that contain GM ingredients.   The Vermont GM law is currently being challenged and there is federal legislation that has been introduced in the House that seeks to preempt state GM laws.  If the constitutionality of Vermont’s bill is upheld their law goes into effect next July 2016.  Further, USDA has announced that they will be launching a Process Verified Program claim for non-GMO food products.  

This webinar reviewed information so that food companies can understand the current status and future of GM labeling including non-GM claims.  We will provided an overview of the Vermont lawsuit and what it would mean if the Vermont law goes into effect next July.  We will also discussed the Federal bill, the status of other State laws and USDA’s new program. 

We note that the webinar we did in January, GMO Labeling: Part 1, covered the use of non-GM claims based on draft guidance issued by the Food and Drug Administration and the type of substantiation that is needed to support the use of a non-GM claim.  The slides for that webinar are available here

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Date: 8/12/2015

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