Daniel Rubenstein Featured in Industrial and Systems Engineering Magazine

Date: Jan 19, 2018

Daniel Rubenstein’s article, Getting to Good: Good Manufacturing Practice in FDA-Regulated Facilities, was featured in the January 2018 edition of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Magazine.

Mr. Rubenstein’s article provides an overview of the information needed to ensure that a food-contact material is manufactured in accordance with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement – including a discussion and practical examples of how principles of Industrial Engineering play an important role in ensuring the continued safety, quality, productivity, and regulatory compliance of food companies and their suppliers.

Mr. Rubenstein has a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, and previous experience as a supply chain analyst for a Pittsburgh-based medical device manufacturer, where he focused on process optimization, inventory control, facility layout and GMP in FDA-regulated facilities. 

full copy of the article is available here.

This article is provided with permission of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers from the January 2018 issue of ISE, Copyright ©2018 Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. All rights reserved.

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