Coronavirus: Insurance, Safety and Health, and Employment Law Webinar Series

Early, Cassidy & Schilling, an AssuredPartner Agency and Keller and Heckman LLP present a complimentary webinar series, "Coronavirus: Insurance, Safety and Health, and Employment Law."

Please join your colleagues as we discuss considerations in managing coronavirus-related issues arising out of insurance policies, workplace safety and health, and employment laws. 


Part I - A Case Study: What The Construction Industry Can Learn From the Wal-Mart Suit in Cook County

The estate of an employee filed suit against Wal-Mart alleging liability for his coronavirus-related illness. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Understanding the claims made by the plaintiff
  • An overview of CDC Guidances related to the complaint
  • What employers can learn from the Wal-Mart complaint with respect to insurance and compliance

Webinar Details

Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Time: 12:00 noon EDT

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Complimentary

Part II - Managing Coronavirus Issues in Construction - Insurance and Workplace Safety


In this session, we will discuss:

  • Workers Compensation Coverage - critical recent developments
  • Key developments related to the NCCI and impacts on your business
  • Key developments in state legislative proceedings related to WC and COVID-19
  • Guidance on safe practices for businesses and their workplaces
  • OSHA guidance on coronavirus
  • Jobsite medical examinations - when to send employees home, how long they should remain at home
  • Insurance - what policies should I review and what should I look for

Webinar Details

 Thursday, May 14, 2020

Time: 12:00 noon EDT

Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: Complimentary




Outside Speakers: Kevin Gass, Jeff Hixon

Date: 5/14/2020

Start Time: 12:00 PM EDT

End Time: 12:30 PM EDT



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