April 30, 2015 Quarterly Employment Law Aftermath Webinar

Offered quarterly, The Employment Law Aftermath with Manesh Rath highlights the most impactful employment law developments in the past ninety days in OSHA, labor, employment, and wage and hour law, monitoring both case law nationwide as well as federal regulatory and statutory proceedings. 

For over eleven years, in-house counsel from over eighty companies have been attending -- and returning -- to the quarterly Employment Law Aftermath series. 

Below are the topics that were covered during the program:

•      O'Connor v. Uber Technologies, Inc. and Cotter v. Lyft, Inc.:  Whether workers performing services for web-based referral companies are independent contractors.

•      A Third Circuit opinion on whether an employee's refusal to sign a release in a mass layoff constitutes protected activity under federal discrimination statutes.

•      A First Circuit opinion on whether an employer's failure to follow its own progressive discipline policy should allow an employee to proceed with an age discrimination claim.

•      A new executive order requiring companies to self-report three years of labor law violations.

•      National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Report Concerning Employer Rules.

Date: 4/30/2015

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