Comparison TSCA Proposals on Schedule for Implementation

Date: Mar 09, 2016



Must designate in 2 years PBT chemicals of concern” and issue a rule within 2 years after.

Active/Inactive reporting within 1 year.  Known carcinogens and PBTs get preference for high priority designations within 1 year after.

Initiate 10 risk evaluations per year (subject to appropriations)

Initiate 20 high and 20 low priority assessments within 3 years, increasing to 25 within 5 years

Complete risk evaluations in 3 years or 2 years for third party request. 2 year extension possible.

Safety determination must be completed within 3 years.

Final § 6 rule must be issued within 2 years after risk evaluation is completed.

Final § 6 rule must be completed 2 years after safety determination is made, 2 year extension possible.