Webinar: Leveraging Utility Infrastructure to Meet the Needs of Wireless Carriers

This webinar will provide insights into the opportunities for electric distribution and generation companies looking to leverage utility infrastructure to meet the demand of wireless carriers for more sites and related infrastructure as they strive to keep pace with the burgeoning demand for mobile data services. The presentation will include a discerning look at the wireless carriers’ interests and long term planning and the challenges and considerations utilities should assess in pursuing this opportunity. 

Wireless Carriers – A Business Opportunity
Presenter: Michael Fitch, Senior Counsel, Keller and Heckman LLP and former CEO of PCIA - the Wireless Infrastructure Association (2005-2012).   
Dealing with Challenges of Restrictive Pole Attachment Regulation
Presenter: Tom Magee, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP, a leading advocate and counsel to the electric industry on pole attachment regulation, negotiations, dispute resolution and state legislative initiatives.
Site License Basics and Deploying Dark Fiber for Wireless Backhaul
Presenter: Douglas Jarrett, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP, who represents site owners and operators  in negotiating license agreements with wireless carriers and dark fiber network operators in negotiating dark fiber IRUs and leases.

Date: 10/22/2015

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