Telecom Business Alert -- Vol. X Issue 1

Date: Jan 02, 2013

Telecom Predictions for 2013

Although predicting the future is always a tricky business, the attorneys of Keller and Heckman LLP offer the following predictions for 2013 in the world of telecommunications. To see how we fared on our 2012 predictions, click here.

"Hope springs eternal. Maybe this is the year the FCC turns its attention to the communications needs of critical infrastructure companies!" 

"Broadband will drive FCC policy making. The Net Neutrality Order will be overturned on appeal. The current USF contribution rules and carrier transition to all-IP networks will progressively erode the USF contribution base." – Doug Jarrett, Partner

"The D.C. Circuit's pole attachment rulings will generate a lot of activity, either good or bad for utilities depending on how the issues are decided." – Tom Magee, Partner

"Expect the FCC to finally authorize the use of ‘TV White Spaces' throughout the U.S. sometime in 2013. These license-exempt devices could eventually satisfy requirements for VHF fixed uses, particularly in more remote areas." – Greg Kunkle, Partner

"As Congress continues to debate cybersecurity legislation, look for an Executive Order from the White House addressing the issues in early 2013, possibly this month." – Tracy Marshall, Partner

"Though the narrowbanding deadline is in the rearview mirror, I expect 2013 to include a host of narrowbanding cleanup issues. For example, licensees may encounter interference issues as new narrowband systems are coordinated adjacent to wideband systems that ignored narrowbanding altogether." – Wes Wright, Associate

"The FCC's application processing time likely will remain elevated through the first quarter as frequency coordinators and the FCC work through a backlog of applications submitted right before the narrowbanding deadline." – Tim Doughty, FCC/FAA Licensing Specialist

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