Telecom Business Alert -- Vol. VII Issue 33

Date: Aug 23, 2010

Concerned Utilities Blast Pole Attachment Rules

In Comments prepared by K&H, the Coalition of Concerned Utilities (Allegheny Power, Baltimore Gas and Electric, Dayton Power and Light, FirstEnergy Corp., National Grid, NSTAR, PPL Electric Utilities, South Dakota Electric Utilities and Wisconsin Public Service), blasted the FCC's proposed pole attachment rules as unworkable in the real world of electric distribution systems. The Coalition explained how the proposals would create more problems than they solve, and how electric safety and reliability would be sacrificed for the sake of little if any additional broadband deployment. The Coalition's Comments are available by clicking here. If you have any questions or would like to join the Coalition, please contact Tom Magee (magee@khlaw.com; 202-434-4128).

Verizon and Google Agree on Net Neutrality for Wireline, not Wireless, Internet


Verizon and Google recently unveiled a suggested legislative framework regarding the FCC's net neutrality proceeding (See, Vol VII, Issue 22), in the hopes that a member of Congress or the FCC might adopt the proposal in the form of a bill or as part of a rulemaking proceeding. The proposal would guarantee equal access to the Internet, require transparency, prevent broadband providers from discriminating against certain applications or services, and prohibit paid priority access to the web. The proposal excludes wireless Internet providers from the net neutrality rules because, according to the companies, the wireless industry has "unique technical and operational challenges, demanding different considerations." However, the companies recommend that Congress or the FCC retain power to regularly review the activities of wireless Internet providers.

800 MHz Application Freeze Reinstated For U.S.-Canada Border Area Licensees

After only a year of resuming the acceptance of 800 MHz band license applications along the U.S.-Canadian border, the FCC announced this week that it has reinstated a licensing freeze. The FCC states that the freeze is necessary to protect some relocating licensees in the U.S.-Canada border region that have yet to conclude relocation or to complete system re-tunes. The freeze applies to the filing of applications for facilities located within seventy miles of the Canadian border in NPSPAC Regions 19, 21, 30, 33, 36, 43, 55 that seek 1) new licenses or 2) modification of existing authority that would involve a change of frequency or expand a station's existing coverage area. The freeze is effective until April 14, 2011 unless lifted earlier by the Commission.

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