NEW: China's Chemical Registration Center (CRC ) has Issued the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (IECSC) 2008 as of December 25, 2008

Date: Dec 29, 2008

The Chemical Registration Center (CRC) of the Ministry of Environment Protection for the Peoples Republic of China has issued its Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC) 2008 . The Inventory includes a total of 45290 chemical substances and is considered current through December 2008. Among the listings, 3080 chemicals are considered confidential substances whose identities are not fully disclosed; 37125 chemicals are listed with their Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers (CASRNs), and 32303 chemicals are identified as "structural " substances.
Fees for PC version of the Inventory are 8,500 RMB. However, the web version is free of charge and available at http://www.crc-mep.org.cn/iecscweb/. For downloading, the Inventory 2007 version can be freely upgraded into 2008 version.
US clients who would like to purchase the IECSC may remit US dollar payments to the Chemical Registration Center of SEPA, from any bank. Please remit it to the A/C No. of Bank of Communications Beijing Branch in the JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York . Further payment information specified by SEPA is as follows:

Beneficiary: Bank of Communications, Beijing Branch
Clearing Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank, New York
Account (US$ A/C No. and UID No.):
A/C NO. 400-051982
UID NO. 332906
Beneficiary's SWIFT Code: COMMCNSHBJG
Ultimate Beneficiary:IN FAVOR OF BEIJING, Chemical Registration Center of SEPA.A/C, Account No:110060210012015141463

Companies in China may use the following account information for purchasing the IECSC: http://www.crc-mep.org.cn/M002/M002_6.aspx

Further contact information for communicating directly with the CRC is as follows:

Tel:+86-10-84915289, fax: +86-10-84913897-5#; email: webservice@crc-mep.org.cn.

Our Shanghai office may be contacted directly for assistance in purchasing or searching the Inventory 2008.