Workplace Alert: Keller and Heckman LLP Partner, David G. Sarvadi, Completes Service on National Academies Committee

Date: Feb 22, 2007

David Sarvadi, a partner in Keller and Heckman's OSHA and Employment practice, was appointed to serve on a National Academies' Committee tasked to review the National Institute of Safety and Health/Bureau of Labor Statistics Respirator Use Survey Study. The Respirator Use Survey Study, which was developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), was created to gather information about the uses of respirators to assist the agency in developing new recommendations for the use of respirators in workplaces and design new research projects to improve the effectiveness of respirators.

The Committee was structured to review the adequacy and appropriateness of the survey methodology, including the choice of sample, the sampling method, survey follow-up, and ultimate response rate and the adequacy of the survey data. The final report was published on the NAS Website in December 2006 and is available at http://books.nap.edu/catalog/11799.html. The final report states that while the agencies obtained useful information in the survey, several modern techniques of survey methodology were not used, making the study less helpful than it could have been. The Committee made seven recommendations for future research to allow NIOSH to develop information to better guide its research agenda.

Mr. Sarvadi was selected by the National Academy of Sciences to participate on the panel because of his expertise in law and industrial hygiene. David Sarvadi works with clients in the areas of occupational health and safety, toxic substance management, pesticide regulation, employment law, and product safety. He works with clients in developing, reviewing, and auditing compliance programs in all of these areas, and in obtaining agency rulings on proposed or novel activities and questions, seeking interpretations of regulations as they apply to specific sets of facts. He has been counsel to the National Coalition on Ergonomics from its inception in 1994. He has a background in occupational safety and health, having worked as an industrial hygienist for more than 15 years and became a Certified Industrial Hygienist in 1978.